About Westfield State University


The main campus of Westfield State University is located on the cusp of the Berkshire Mountains in beautiful Western Massachusetts.  Westfield State provides the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp with numerous amenities that help separate the camp even further from its competition.  From campus security to wireless networks Westfield State has become the perfect partner to the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp.


Players attending the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp will be staying in New Hall, located at the heart of Westfield State’s main campus.  The best way to illustrate all the dorms have to offer is by listing them (below):

  • Air Conditioning
  • Suite Style Rooms
    • 4 Person Suites – 1 double room, 2 single rooms, 1 bathroom, 1 common room.
    • 6 Person Suites – 2 double rooms, 2 single rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 common room
  • Private Bathrooms (No communal bathrooms in the hallways)
  • Refrigerators
  • Security – Westfield State provides the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp with a Residential Advisor each night until approximately 11 pm.  This is in addition to our own security. 


The Dining Services provided at Westfield State are second to none.  With hundreds of players attending our camps each summer we have many players who have special food needs.  The dining services have always been able to provide the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp players with any assistance or food preparation they need.  As an extra precaution each of the past three summers no food served had been prepared with any peanuts, nuts, etc.   For questions about the dining experience or if your son or daughter has an allergy please contact mlees@westfield.ma.edu

Gym & Courts

Westfield State provides a great amount of court space throughout its campus.  With 8 potential courts in all, Woodward Center is used as the main gym and headquarters of camp activities.  Parenzo Hall is the other indoor gym that is used during camp.  In addition to Woodward and Parenzo the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp utilizes 3 outdoor courts. 


Throughout the week campers will have the opportunity to take a break from basketball and take a dip in the campus pool.   Westfield State provides the camp with a certified lifeguard.  To swim in the pool parents must give written approval that his/her son/daughter can swim and may take part in swimming activities.

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