Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Hopefully This Section Below Will Help Answer Some Of The Initial Question You May Have About Camp


Q:  I see that the camp is for ages 9-17.  My son/daughter is young and just starting to develop his/her skills.  How is the camp divided up?  By age?  By skill?

A:  Our camp is initially broken down by age.  Depending on the number of players attending the groups typically break down into an NCAA Divison (ages 9-13) and an NBA Division (ages 13 & up).  In this case we would determine the appropriate division for players in the middle of that age range (13 years old)  in regards to whether they fit in the NCAA Division or NBA Division.   We will also take into account what division their friends are playing in to ensure they have a positive experience with those they came to camp with.   At our larger camps we have gone broken the camp out into 3 age groups - NCAA (ages 9-11) NBA West (ages 12-13) and NBA East (ages 14 and up).   Again we will always take into account moving players so they can compete with their friends all week (if they wish) and ensure they take in the HOF Experience with their friends.

Q:  Can you tell me what the level of competition is like at the camp?

A:  We attract players of all skill levels to our camp.  We are primarily a Skill Development Camp, and we believe that is what has led us to so much early success and noteriety.   Our Staff from our Directors right down the line have decades of basketball development experience.  We believe that competition is not just found in the players one will face at camp but in the drills and contests we execute throughout the week.  One of the first things we tell players when we open up camp is to compete not only with the other campers all week but with themselves.  

Q:  Who is on the Camp Staff?  What type of experience do these coaches have?

A:  Too often basketball camps around the country staff themselves with individuals who do not have the background or skill set to help the attending campers become better players.   At the Hoop Hall Dreams Camp we leverage our network of coaches to bring in only qualified individuals who have deep knowledge of the game.  To date we have had dozens of current college coaches on our staff, along with elite high school coaches.  All of our coaches, whether we know them or not, or whether they have been with us before are submitted to a third party background check.  

Q:  What type of security is provided?   Is there security in the dorm rooms?

A:  The safety and security of your child is our #1 priority at camp.   It all starts with us putting together a first class staff.  Players are to always travel with their team to and from locations on campus (gym, dorms, cafeteria, pool, etc).  While going to the Hall of Fame we hire a 3rd party professional bus service to take the players to and from camp.  Back in the dorm rooms at night we do bed check at approximately 10 pm.  We expect every player to be in their respective dorm suite at this time.  In addition Westfield State provides us with Residential Advisors who are stationed in the lobby of the dorms each night until approximately 10:30 pm.  After 10:30 pm our staff members will rotate hallway duty to ensure nobody is out of their dorm suite and that there is no excessive noise.   At the start of camp each player will have listed in their suite  the Important Camp Phone Numbers and Room Numbers in case of emergency.  We will have a trainer on staff 24/7.

Q:  Who do I contact in case of an emergency?  

A:   Prior to camp we will be emailing out Important Camp Numbers and Contact Information.  You may contact any of these number at anytime, however we do ask that if you contact someone past 10 pm that it be for an emergency only.  

Q:  My son/daughter is coming with a large group of friends and I see that the dorm suites fit 4 or 6 people.  Can you explain that a little further?

A:  Westfield State offers first class air conditioned accomidations.  Our dorm suites break down as follows.  The four (4) person suites will have two (2) single rooms, one (1) double room, one (1) bathroom, and one (1) common room.  Our six (6) person suites will have two (2) single rooms, two (2) double rooms, one (1) common room, and two (2) bathrooms.  We do not get involved in regards to figure out the dynamics of large groups figuring out who will room with who, as we leave that up to the parents and players.  However, if no guidance is provided to us we will assign rooms and roommates (within the respective group).  You can list Roommates and Additional Information about roommates in the Notes Section of sign up.

Q:  My son/daughter wishes to attend camp but will not be coming with anyone.  What type of room situation will he/she be in? 

A:  We have many players who decided to join our camp without attending with a larger group or another individual.  We WILL NOT place this campers in a room where there is a larger group who all know one another.  We will do our best to place your son/daughter with other campers who are coming as individuals. 

Q:   Can my son/daughter bring a cell phone to call home?

A:   We do permit cell phones at camp, however with advances in technology we have a very strict policy on cell phone use that registered campers and their parents will be made very well aware of prior to camp.  

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